Remote Team is an all-in-one HR platform offering document management, international payment processing, time tracking, and more.

Get ready to take the pain out of payment processing with Remote Team.

International teams will be delighted to find that this tool offers several payment provider options covering over 200 international regions—all with industry-leading rates—so location isn’t a problem.

Then there’s Remote Payment, where you fund your own special account and Remote Team finds the best payment providers with the lowest rates.

Whether you’ve got employees in five countries or 50, you can make the payment process as easy as possible.

We’ll wait for you to finish clapping.

Remote Team’s document management is top-notch, too.

You’ll be able to create, upload, and sign any documents that your company requires. Plus, invoices are automatically created for every payment processed.

That means every document from onboarding to termination is easily accessible with a few clicks.

No more hunting through different tools. Remote Team keeps everything under one roof.

The platform’s time management tools are a lifesaver for larger teams across different time zones.

Remote Desk also partners with Toggl, DeskTime, and Harvest to evaluate team productivity and track time spent for workflows.

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