Rektic is an all-in-one AI writing assistant that helps you write, collaborate, and manage blog posts that rank high on search engines.
Rektic makes it easy for you to create, collaborate, and manage your entire editorial workflow on a single platform.

You’ll also be able to analyze your competitors to see what’s working for them and use similar strategies to boost your rankings.

Even if you’ve already created your content, this tool can help you analyze each post’s readability and keyword density.

Competitor Analysis
Analyze your competitors’ SEO strategy, so you can learn from their success.
Getting started is a breeze—just enter your main keyword and Rektic takes care of the rest.

You’ll be able to generate your article’s title, summary, and meta description in just a few clicks.

Plus, this tool suggests the most relevant keywords, so you can better understand people’s search intent and prioritize key trends in your content.

Keyword Analysis
Enter your main keyword and get relevant keywords to optimize your content for search intent.
Rektic can even identify the most asked questions by internet users, letting you know what sections to cover.

Generate an outline with relevant points that match your main topic and your audience’s search intent.

This smart assistant also prepares detailed briefs that you can share with your team for seamless project collaboration.

Outline builder
Create a coherent article outline that truly resonates with your users’ needs.
Best of all, Rektic lets you generate long-form text for blog sites and website copy. You can even regenerate the text until you’re satisfied with the output!

You’ll be able to publish highly-optimized content that boosts conversions—even when you have writer’s block.

Using this tool’s powerful plagiarism checker, you can also test your content for originality and post drama-free.

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