Recapped is a platform that allows you to create proposal documents that evolve with each project.

Everything your client needs lives in one beautiful, dynamic Recap.

Within your Recap, you can set upcoming steps, add due dates, and assign tasks. Now, everyone will be held accountable without you having to passive-aggressively send reminder emails.

Your powerful proposal will also you let you collaborate and chat with everyone involved in real-time.

Lifetime Access to Recapped
Recapped saves you hours every week thanks to reusable templates — simply create and save proposals with important sections and steps and you’ll be ready to go whenever.

You’ll also get analytics on who has viewed your pages and what they spent the most time looking at. (Those tailored pitches are basically writing themselves!)

Lifetime Access to Recapped
Here’s how simple Recapped is:

  • Draft an eye-catching proposal within minutes — import personal info from your LinkedIn account, add your logo, a banner, text blocks, pricing structure, discounts, and DocuSign link or actual contract.
  • Send your proposal to your client (recipients do not need to have LinkedIn to participate in the fun)
  • Collaborate and manage your project from one dashboard
    Lifetime Access to Recapped
    Freelancers, agencies, and sales teams everywhere are speeding up sales cycles and closing a lot more deals with Recapped.
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