Raklet is a code-free community-building platform that lets you manage memberships, host paid events, sell courses, and keep users engaged.

Raklet lets you build a branded, private community with all the cool features you’re looking for in less than an hour.

You’ll be able to offer monthly or annual subscriptions for access, and set up automated renewals, reminders, and receipts.

Sell tickets to online or in-person events, with the ability to check in guests at the door and automatically record attendance.

Plus, you’ve got the tools to organize fundraising campaigns and collect donations using the same platform.

Discussion board
Build a private community with just the features you need—no more, no less.
You’ll get access to your own membership database, which makes it easy to manage your community and store contacts in one place.

Access over 60 fields to record information that matters to you, like membership status, interests, or personal preferences.

And with Raklet’s timeline feature, you can keep tabs on member activity to learn more about your power users.

Member database
Use the built-in database to track user activity, store information, and manage memberships.
Using the email newsletter feature, it’s a cinch to keep in touch with your audience via email newsletters—no third-party tools required.

You can also take advantage of the personalization, automations, scheduling, and payment integration to rake in more money with emails.

For the cherry on top, you can send SMS messages to your members, making sure they don’t miss out on any important updates.

Email newsletters
Use the built-in newsletter tool to keep your community members in the loop.
Raklet lets you turn your community into an Android or iOS app, so members can access the community on the go.

You can even connect to Zapier and access thousands of apps that you already use in your daily grind.

And best of all, you’ll be able to collect membership dues using the built-in Stripe integration.

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