Qwil Messenger is an all-in-one communication platform that lets you securely chat, share files, and host virtual meetings with stakeholders.

Qwil Messenger lets you communicate with clients and colleagues on one secure, branded platform on desktop and mobile.

You can chat one-on-one or create group chats, and add participants as needed—even if they aren’t on your client’s contact list.

Plus, you’ll be able to manage all your conversations from one window and control who can access each thread.

Because all your records are audited and encrypted, it’s easy to keep your data compliant worldwide.

Chat conversations
Chat with all your clients and colleagues from one secure platform, on desktop and mobile.
With Qwil Messenger, you can launch secure virtual meetings with one click right from the platform—no more relying on Zoom or Teams.

It’s also a cinch to start or schedule calls directly from chats, so you know the context of each conversation.

Participants can join calls from any device, which is super convenient for remote teams and international clients.

You can also share your screen during video calls to keep everyone on the same page and exchange ideas in real time.

Virtual meetings
Qwil Messenger lets you launch or schedule secure virtual meetings right from your chats.
Qwil Messenger also lets you share files, images, and video files up to 50MB by simply dragging and dropping them into the chat.

You can request e-signatures right from the chat, making it easy to get documents signed on the spot.

Plus, you’ll be able to keep all your files stored in one secure, centralized location and even control who has access to specific files.

File manager
You’ll be able to manage all your files in one secure location.
Best of all, Qwil Messenger lets you make an announcement to all users in just one click, so you can share important messages ASAP.

Send broadcast messages to all users or specific groups within your organization to reach the right people and reduce spam.

Plus, this tool integrates with Zapier to automate updates from other systems, so you can adopt it into your tech stack right away!

Broadcast messages
Send broadcast messages to multiple users within your organization with one click.
You shouldn’t have to spend half your day toggling between tabs just to move projects along. (“So I’ve gotten really good at keyboard shortcuts…but I haven’t done much else.”)

That’s why Qwil Messenger lets you chat, meet, and share files with clients and teams on just one secure, centralized platform.

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