PWAforWP is a WordPress plugin that generates an app-like shortcut for your WordPress site, giving users access from both Android and iOS mobile devices.

Your website could be an app in the time it takes to finish your Zoom yoga class (Now breathe a big sigh of relief…).

Skip right past fussing with developers, overhead costs, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

PWAforWP builds an app-like experience to live on your users’ home screen, so they can access your content right away.

Don’t worry about platform wars either—PWAforWP works on both Android and iOS.

You can even get your “app” listed on the Google Play Store with the PWA to APK generator.

PWAforWP also caches your web page, so it’s accessible offline (take that, spotty elevator service!).

You can also add the PWA install banner wherever you’d like on your site, so people know they can always find you.

The scroll progress bar extension will show app users how much content they have left on their plate, while the pull to refresh extension lets them grab more whenever they please.

PWAforWP offers a streamlined app experience that makes sure you don’t lose traffic to the whims of search rankings.

Plus, the detailed data analytics track how many users have your app installed.

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