PubCoder lets you create interactive digital content to publish as native apps for iOS and Android, as well as in ebooks and on HTML5.

With PubCoder, you can create interactive, mobile-friendly digital content right from your desktop—without any coding or design skills.

Publish responsive apps for any screen size, format, or device, including iOS, Android, ebook, and HTML5.

You’ll also be able to adapt your content for any language so you can distribute it worldwide and grow your global audience in record time.

Multiformat content
Create interactive, mobile-ready digital content without any coding or design skills.
You can add interactive elements, animations, videos, and sounds that bring your content to life using an intuitive drag-and-drop editor.

Your pages will be able to detect clicks, swipes, shakes, and other touch gestures on mobile or desktop devices.

To make your content even more immersive, you’ll even be able to include interactive widgets like games, quizzes, and questionnaires.

Plus, if you do know your way around some code, you can leverage a full-featured code editor to customize HTML headers, fine-tune CSS, or run custom JavaScript.

Interactive elements
Bring your content to life with a range of interactive elements.
PubCoder also lets you synchronize highlighted text with an audio file that reads it out loud.

That means you’ll be able to offer more accessibility and convenience for people who have trouble reading text.

Best of all, PubCoder’s audio synchronization is fully supported on all export formats, with built-in media overlays that provide a continuous listening experience.

Get a quick preview of your project at any time and make changes until you’re ready to publish.

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