is a client-facing project management system that helps you effectively collaborate with clients and organize tasks with team members.

A well-oiled machine is the sum of its parts. makes sure all parts work in perfect harmony.

With, you’ll be able to chat, collaborate, share files, and allocate and complete tasks. keeps you organized, so you can manage your time, tasks, and deadlines without feeling scattered.

Let’s talk about chats, baby — let’s talk about you and all your conversations in one place.

Each of your projects has a conversation thread so you can chat and share relevant files with your team and clients. sends an email to project participants whenever a comment is posted so no one is out of the loop.

Once they open the email, designated members can visit the project directly or reply by email for their comments to be posted automatically in the timeline.

You don’t need CTRL + ALT + DEL for a task manager that rocks. lets you easily create and assign tasks to team members.

Plus, you can skip the external payment processors and accept payments right from is totally Stripe-integrated — just request a payment, have your client enter their card details, and keep your projects moving.

Most important, is super intuitive so anyone you invite can pick up how to use it without the steep learning curve.

You’ve already got your work cut out for you in your business.

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