PPC Reveal is a competition intelligence platform that helps agencies and teams analyze their competitor’s Google Ads.

Let PPC Reveal reliably uncover the exact ads your competitors are running with automated searches—no Google searching and screenshotting required!

Refine your search by country and location, so you can drill down to see who’s running ads specifically in your area.

And because you can specify the frequency, days of the week, and duration, you’ll strike a balance between conserving credits and staying informed.

Competitor ads
Get a detailed breakdown of every Google Ad spotted with a quick keyword search.
Get the inside scoop on your competitors with a full Advertiser’s Report that breaks down exactly what they’re doing.

The report contains links to their landing pages, number of ads they’re running, and which keywords in your dataset they’re targeting.

This is an excellent way to see the competitors you know about and also discover ones you didn’t even know existed.

Advertiser’s Report
Check the Advertiser’s Report to see who’s running ads, how visible they are, and much more.
You can also create white-label PPC reports with your company logo to impress prospects, clients, your boss—even your mom.

PPC Reveal lets you export the reports as PDFs and send them via email or any messaging platform that allows file sharing.

Plus, you’ll be able to use these detailed reports to drive new sales or to keep your customers informed on a regular basis.

PPC Reports
Export all your PPC insights into a shareable report to impress your clients or boss.
Go beyond seeing what your competitors are running and find out when they’re running ads for a super sharp strategic edge.

You can pull back your ads whenever your competition does—or push them out during peak hours, which helps you save on ad spend.

That means you can decide if you want to focus your ad spend during those hours to score leads precisely when there’s less competition.

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