Poised is an AI-powered speech coach that gives you real-time and retrospective feedback on your virtual meetings.

Get a recap of every meeting complete with a Poised score out of 100, so you can understand your performance at a glance.

You can view detailed feedback about your speech on the meeting details page, including your filler words, energy, eye contact, tone, and rambling.

With audio and video transcripts of your meetings, you’ll also be able to review more subtle communication moments, like facial expressions and non-inclusive language.

Meeting insights
Get speech insights after every meeting, so you know how to improve your performance.
Along with recaps of meetings, you’ll also receive live feedback to help you stay on track with your communication goals.

Set up personalized alerts, like tips for filler words and rambling, to course correct your speech in real time.

Plus, Poised seamlessly integrates with all your favorite meeting tools, like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams.

Best of all, this tool runs discreetly in the background, so nobody else will know you’re using it during your conversations!

Live alerts
Correct your speech in real time with the help of personalized alerts only you can see.
Poised identifies key moments for you to learn from and presents visual insights, so you can say bye to awkward interactions.

Analyze speech trends, make improvements, and track the progress of your performance over time.

You’ll even be able to see how you rank against professionals in your industry and stay one step ahead of your competition.

Speech insights
Track your progress to improve your communication in record time.
You’ll be able to learn from top speech coaches and experts and get extra support to upgrade your communication skills.

Access curated educational content and receive personalized lesson plans from Poised-approved experts.

In addition to tons of online videos, articles, and exercises, you can also practice your skills in Poised.

Educational content
Level up your speaking skills with access to educational content by speech experts.
It’s hard to inspire confidence in your stakeholders when you’re literally stumbling over your words. (“Fun fact: everything is a tongue twister when you’re nervous.”)

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