PhoneWagon is an advanced call tracking tool that lets you set up dynamic numbers, automated text messages, and phone trees.

The first order of business is to make a new phone number.

Choose an area code and get a number in seconds. Then use PhoneWagon’s dynamic number feature to track inbound calls from any website with only one line of code.

The dynamic number keeps the main number on your site unchanged for Google and SEO, but changes for customers viewing it depending on your unique parameters.

Set specific numbers for certain campaigns, or show different numbers for different channels or keywords to keep track of everything.

PhoneWagon makes it a breeze to configure a custom greeting or interactive voice response (IVR)/phone tree.

Record your lines right in PhoneWagon, then set up how to direct the calls based on input numbers or caller actions.

The calls will be automatically routed to the correct department, and you’ll have a professional call completed in minutes—time well saved!

Plus, all your leads from the calls can be separated based on their status, so you know exactly where they are in your funnel.

These recordings are also great opportunities to work on your call script, so you can find the most effective phrasing and create a better customer experience.

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