Peasy Sales automates messaging, appointments, lead qualification, and follow-ups, so you can close more deals and build relationships.

With Peasy Sales, you can build multi-channel chatbots for WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and other channels—all without any coding!

Whether it’s for outreach, lead generation, or appointments, this platform is packed with workflow templates to get you started.

Want to start from scratch? You’ll be able to create a custom chatbot that can automate any sales workflow in just a few clicks.

Build chatbots for any channel without writing a line of code!
From ads to web forms, you’ll be able to automatically connect inbound leads to sales reps based on predefined rules.

Peasy Sales can also segment contacts by attribute or label and auto-reply or assign bots whenever a new event is triggered.

And since you can automatically disqualify contacts with invalid phone numbers or emails, your list will stay squeaky clean.

Connect inbound leads
Automatically connect inbound leads to the right sales rep on your team.
Best of all, you can integrate your chatbot with third-party APIs like Calendly to book calls and create reservations directly in chat.

Peasy Sales also integrates with Google Calendar and WhatsApp, letting you embed an appointment scheduling system in your chatbot.

Plus, you’ll be able to automate appointment confirmations and reminders via WhatsApp, so folks don’t snooze through their appointments.

Appointment scheduling system
Schedule appointments using the scheduling system that integrates with Google Calendar and WhatsApp.
The ongoing message scheduler lets you automate follow-up and drive repeat sales, so you can stay in touch with customers.

Just set up the scheduler once and Peasy Sales will automatically send follow-up messages at regular intervals to keep your list warm.

You can even send messages for birthdays, promotions, and service reminders, which keeps your business top of mind.

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