Noodle is a mobile app that sells digital content and consulting, manages scheduling, and engages customers with the help of an AI sidekick.

Noodle lets you sell your products and services with one link that you can put in your email signature and social media bios.

You’ll get an AI sidekick that can respond to inquiries for you. No more wasting time with tire-kickers or answering messages at odd hours of the day!

This AI sidekick will even study your offers to automatically answer questions and recommend relevant offers to boost your sales.

AI sidekick
Let your new AI sidekick handle incoming queries and recommend relevant offers.
You’ll be able to keep tabs on your monthly earnings from the main dashboard, so you always know exactly how much cash you’re raking in.

Noodle lets you set up a variety of products and services, including in-person services, consultation calls, and info products.

You can even collect payments via payment links where customers can complete their purchase via Google Pay, Apple Pay, and credit or debit card.

Collect payments
Collect payments for your products or services directly—no payment processor required.
Noodle lets you schedule calls with its built-in calendar, so you can book appointments without the endless back-and-forth.

You can also connect all your calendars to Noodle to avoid scheduling conflicts and have calls added to your schedule automatically.

Plus, this mobile app supports recurring payments and calls, which is perfect for ongoing coaching, therapy, and other similar services.

Calendar booking
End all scheduling headaches with Noodle’s calendar booking feature.
With Noodle, you can provide asynchronous coaching or consultations with paid chats that are stored in their own smart inbox.

This inbox will let you filter for unanswered messages, so you don’t wind up neglecting customers by accident.

And in your chat conversation, you can send video, audio, or text responses—whatever works best for your business model.

This app also has a Broadcasts feature that lets you highlight specific aspects of your content to free and paid members, replacing the need for expensive email marketing!

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