Nectios is a modular platform that lets you build online communities with over 40 no-code apps for chat, challenges, and more.

Building a custom, online community is a piece of cake—simply head to the Nectios app store and install the features you need in one click.

You can add modules like articles, calendar, audio, chat, and agenda to customize your online community space.

Plus, you’ll get all the tools you need to promote networking and boost new business opportunities in your community.

Nectios app store
Install the features you need for your online community right from the Nectios app store.
Nectios is packed with over 40 drag-and-drop modules, so you can build an online community without writing a single line of code.

You can add chat, video conferencing, and discussion boards to help your members stay active in the community.

It’s also a cinch to publish content like job opportunities, recorded content, articles, and blog posts.

Build community
Edit your community layout with drag-and-drop functionality—no coding required!
Nectios lets you plan, organize, and get the word out about your community events—all from a single platform!

You can create video conferencing spaces and access event planning tools like registration forms, tickets, and certificates.

Thanks to the live chat, streaming, questions, and voting features, it’s super easy to interact with attendees. You can even record your sessions to share later!

Record events
Record your online events and share the content with your community.
Best of all, Nectios also lets you host networking events for community members, so they can connect with each other online.

That means you can encourage members connect over discussion boards, and build a marketplace where they can buy and sell online.

You’ll even be able to monetize your community by creating different subscription plans for members.

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