Modula is a fast and lightweight photo gallery plug-in that helps you display high-quality images without slowing down your site.

It’s 2019, Sumo-lings! Leave slow-loading in the days of dial-up (“Mom, can you pleeease not make a call right now? I have a very important AIM message coming in.”).

With Modula’s built-in image optimization and content delivery network, your gallery can finally shine at turbo-fast speeds.

Oh, and that built-in optimization is powered by none other than ShortPixel (which, hint hint is in our store right now!).

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Being in 2019 also means that the majority of your traffic is coming from mobile visitors, and Modula makes sure they’re getting the best possible experience.

The mobile version of your website shouldn’t just be the awkwardly downscaled version of your desktop site.

With Modula’s custom grids, you’ll be able to set the number of columns for your gallery on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices separately for a seamless experience across the board.

Other gallery plug-ins automatically dictate which of your images gets the spotlight, but Modula gives you full control.

A simple drag-and-drop builder lets you click and drag to resize any of the images in your gallery so your favorites can stand out.

Lifetime Access to Modula
You’ll also be able to add filters (no, not the dog-face kind) to categorize large collections of images, so site visitors can quickly sort through your portfolio.

Go one-by-one or bulk edit to quickly assign filters to all relevant images.

Lifetime Access to Modula
Who says a gallery can only have still photos? Not Harry Potter and definitely not Modula.

Mixing photos and videos is a breeze—all it takes is copying and pasting the video link from services like YouTube or Vimeo.

Modula doesn’t stop there.

Easily add social media sharing icons so visitors can share your work on networks like Instagram and Pinterest.

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