Minerva makes it easier than ever to create a self-serve knowledge base users can access directly within your SaaS product.

Minerva helps you develop knowledge bases complete with support documentation like how-to videos, FAQs, and interactive guides.

You can boost onboarding and adoption of your SaaS product, as well as enhance internal communication within your team.

Once you’ve created your guides, simply add one line of JavaScript to your platform to embed your knowledge base and make it accessible to users.

Minerva lets you embed a Launch Center into your SaaS platform, so users don’t have to go off-platform to find support docs or videos.

You can display dynamic guides to different users and make any documentation available on specific pages.

And because your content is interactive and contextual, users can get the support they need at any moment.

Using text-to-speech technology, Minerva automatically compiles educational videos based on static screenshots.

You can show users exactly how to resolve their issues using step-by-step text, screenshots, and videos within every guide.

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