Miho is a learning management platform that lets you create online courses, monetize your content, and build an engaged student community.

Thanks to Miho’s intuitive course builder, you’ll be able to create a dynamic course in minutes.

You can upload different file types, like videos or text, and even add assignments or quizzes to help your students learn.

Check the engagement statistics on each lesson to find out where students are dropping off and to refine your course.

Want to teach live? You can schedule and host live lessons on Zoom right from the course builder.

Course Builder
Easily build courses packed with video or text files, assignments, and quizzes.
Miho makes it easy to build a functional landing page to sell your course—no coding required!

Simply choose your theme, customize the colors, and add your logo to create a page that matches your branding.

You’ll also be able to add dynamic features like FAQs, testimonials, social links, and terms and conditions.

Best of all, you can integrate your checkout page with PayPal, Stripe, and Razorpay for a seamless shopping experience.

Page Builder
Build a professional landing page that matches your branding, all without any coding.
Miho lets you create your own digital community with complete control, so you aren’t competing with random algorithms.

Students can like, comment, and save community posts, driving the class discussion for more collaborative learning.

They’ll also be able to express themselves with rich formatting, media uploads, and emojis to boost engagement.

Create an engaged student community that you can fully control.
With Miho, you can answer questions and keep up with students via direct messaging right from the platform.

Store all your student conversations in a single window, or categorize message threads by different courses.

And you can add different team members to your account, so you don’t have to respond to messages on your own.

Thanks to the workspace feature, you’ll be able to manage multiple academies from one single Miho login!

Built-in Chat
Give feedback, answer questions, and provide support via direct messaging.
The hardest part about teaching an online course shouldn’t be throwing together your website. (“Sorry, I never learned how to code. Ironically, I couldn’t find a good class.”)

Miho gives you everything you need to create online courses, launch a functional landing page, and build your own student community—without any coding.

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