Lifesight Engage is an omnichannel marketing platform that lets you create memorable customer experiences via email, SMS, and WhatsApp.

Lifesight Engage automatically sorts your customers into more than 20 predefined segments that fit tons of ecommerce use cases, so you can hit the ground running.

The platform syncs information across different apps and channels, letting you create dynamically updated segments.

Use this cross-platform data to build your own segments based on various events across different apps for more advanced segmentation.

That means you’ll be able to understand shopper behavior and tailor your marketing to boost overall customer lifetime value.

Access 20+ predefined segments or build your own—either way, they’ll be updated dynamically.
Lifesight Engage lets you send emails and SMS campaigns to customers right from the platform—no additional subscription required!

You’ll also be able to carry out WhatsApp message campaigns, which is super handy for building up your global customer base.

Access detailed metrics of any campaign like clicks, opens, and attributed revenue, so you can tell which messages and channels work best.

Send out broadcast campaigns via email, SMS, and WhatsApp complete with attributable revenue metrics.
Lifesight Engage is packed with over 500 pre-built email templates to craft messages for any occasion including discount, holiday, and product launch emails.

You can customize any email template or create one from scratch using the code-free, block-based email builder.

Even better, this email builder offers an AI-powered writing assistant to help you crank out winning copy that’ll have customers fetching their credit cards.

Email templates
Save hours of effort with templates for any industry, aesthetic, or occasion.
With Lifesight Engage, you can create automated messaging flows to reach out to customers at different points in the buying journey.

Because this platform supports more than 200 automated triggers, wait conditions, and more, you can build out complex, multi-step flows for any situation.

That means you’ll cover the basics like welcome, abandon cart, and post-purchase flows, along with more exotic flows like reactivations, sunset, and VIP flows.

Email automations
Create high-conversion messaging flows with over 200+ triggers, conditions, and split tests.
Setting up your marketing campaigns shouldn’t feel like you’re untangling a pair of earphones. (“Don’t rush me. This is a very delicate situation.”)

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