LeadRocks is a reliable B2B contact database with 100M+ records, emails, phone numbers and LinkedIn profiles. High-quality leads for your hyper-targeted outreach are just a few clicks away!

LeadRocks Prospecting:
Search Leads based on job title, company name or URL, location, industry and team size. Use one filter or a combination of multiple filters.
Search by our suggestions or enter any custom value for more precise searches.
Open emails and phone numbers in one click.

LeadRocks Enrichment:
Upload a list of LinkedIn profile URLs
Pull emails and phone numbers available in our base for every profile in your list
Save results in LeadRocks or export your enriched list to a CSV

LeadRocks Lists:
Save your search results to a new list
Save your enrichment results to a new list
Store data in LeadRocks or export to a CSV
Upload your CSV into your CRM or any automation tool to gear up your prospecting

The data we provide is originated from only official and legal sources. Drive your sales team to new heights with our continuously updated and verified data.

LeadRocks is a very simple data enrichment tool and scraper that provides basic but very powerful features.

It seems pretty easy but can hard drive the whole lead generation process for you.

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