iCreate is an all-in-one marketing suite that offers a drag-and-drop site builder, real-time analytics, and lead management tools.

With iCreate, you can completely automate marketing tasks to improve productivity and overall performance.

You’ll be able to keep track of impressions, bounce rate, cost per action, and page visits to make data-backed campaign decisions.

Plus, you can monitor business insights and analyze dynamic reports from media sources or assets.

Dashboard metrics
Monitor key metrics like impressions, cost per action, and page visits from the dashboard.
The intuitive drag-and-drop builder lets you create minisites, landing pages, surveys, questionnaires, and a lot more!

Choose a customizable template to design your own marketing materials, like graphics, logos, and social posts.

This tool makes it easy to design content, resize elements, and export projects in various formats—all without any graphic design experience.

Drag-and-drop builder
Use the drag-and-drop builder to create minisites, landing pages, surveys, and more.
You’ll be able to create landing pages with personalized experiences for followers, leads, and customers.

This means users will get targeted offers on your website or landing page based on their search intent.

Plus, you’ll have access to AI-powered tools like liteCRM, which simplifies lead management to maximize conversions.

Use liteCRM to manage new leads and move them down the funnel.
Best of all, iCreate supports third-party integrations with tools like PayPal, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, and Salesforce.

You’ll also be able to connect with Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn to capture and send leads directly to your CRM.

Using the Google Sheets integration, you can even collect new lead info from opt-in forms on your website or landing page.

Integrate with popular tools like Salesforce, Facebook, and Google Tag Manager.
Turns out, you need to be a jack-of-all-trades to run successful marketing campaigns. (“How does Emily in Paris make this job look so chic?”)

Thankfully, iCreate’s drag-and-drop builder, real-time analytics, and lead management tools take the guesswork out of your campaigns.

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