Hypi is a code-free, app-building platform that lets you create responsive web, mobile, and desktop apps in record time.
Hypi’s visual interface makes it easy to build a fully-fledged native, web, mobile, or desktop app with complete control over aesthetics and functions.

You can drag and drop widgets to create your app and easily add text, color, images, call-to-action buttons, and more.

After you’re done editing, you’ll be able to preview your app before publishing to ensure it’s pixel-perfect!

Visual no-code editor
Drag and drop your way to a responsive web or mobile app—no coding necessary!
This tool also helps you turn boring, manual tasks into smooth digital processes that work on mobile and desktop.

Thanks to Hypi’s logic builder, you can build workflows to streamline processes and automate tasks, like submitting forms, searching for data, and querying databases and APIs.

Add data to your user interface and trigger queries dynamically when folks interact with your app, taking your user experience to a new level.

Logic builder
Build workflows that help you streamline and automate important tasks on your to-do list.
This no-code platform also offers an integration that lets you connect to your existing database, so you don’t need to pay for another system.

Don’t have a database? You can use Hypi’s secure, built-in database to store all user and company data in one place.

That means you’ll have access to all the infrastructure you need to safeguard your app’s data on a scalable platform that grows with you.

Database modeling
Connect to your existing database or use Hypi’s built-in database to store customer and company data.
Hypi lets you generate a new app version every time you deploy, so you can publish your app in seconds!

You’ll be able to publish your app to the Google Play and Apple App stores with just one click.

Once your app is live, new customers will be able to immediately download and use it right from their mobile and desktop devices.

Web app publishing
Instantly publish your app on Google Play and Apple App stores with just one click.
With a little help, you can launch the app of your dreams in less time than it takes to microwave a Hot Pocket. (“Cooking something up has never been so easy.”)

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