Hiro.fm is a premium podcast platform that lets you combine audio and SMS automation to create an immersive listening experience.

Hiro.fm has everything you’ll need to launch, promote, and optimize private podcasts, without all the technical difficulties.

It’s a cinch to craft compelling headlines and summaries for your show with the help of the AI writing assistant.

From there, you can design cover art by choosing icons or colors preloaded on the platform—or even upload your own cover art.

That means you’ll be able to import your podcasts or YouTube channel and launch new audio products in minutes.

Show creation
Build your own show on the platform, or import your YouTube channel and podcast files.
Say goodbye to annoying pop-ups and complex funnels! Now listeners can access shows with a short text message.

Not to mention people can chat with you any time thanks to automated texts, emails, and in-app notifications.

Keep engagement high by triggering SMS messages whenever listeners get access, play the video, finish the show, or become inactive.

Not only will this build a loyal audience, but it’ll also nurture relationships and turn your passive listeners into loyal customers.

SMS campaign
Make shows interactive with automated emails, in-app notifications, and SMS messages.
Hiro.fm gives you the option to release one episode or a batch of episodes during a set time period or on a specific date.

You’ll be able to set unlimited access for shows or establish an expiration period for episode and audio feeds.

Whether on iOS or Android, listeners get one-click access using their favorite podcast platforms. Or they can use the free Hiro.fm player app!

Get in-depth audience insights to see when your listeners tune in, who they are, and how long they stay.

And because Hiro.fm collects device data, you can learn which devices and podcast streaming services your listeners prefer.

Listener access
Use one-click show access for a better listening experience.
Best of all, you can sell access using no-code sales pages that feature sample episodes, rave reviews, and helpful FAQs.

You’ll be able to integrate Google Analytics and Meta Pixels with your sales pages to start seeing better ROI on your ad spend.

And unlike other podcast platforms, Hiro.fm guarantees that you’ll keep 100% of your sales from day one!

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