HelpShelf’s brilliant engine tracks what users on your site are searching for and creates content suggestions so others can find it, too.

Like Netflix’s oddly specific recommendations (who told them about my love for Canadian made-for-TV movies?), HelpShelf delivers the right content at the right time.

Think of HelpShelf as the best waiter ever, anticipating customer needs based on whichever page they visit and already back with that refill (of knowledge).

Linking HelpShelf to your website couldn’t be easier – just enter your URL and the tool guides you through a simple template.

How do you want your customers to contact you? Choose from numerous chat providers or good ol’ fashioned e-mail.

Lifetime Access to HelpShelf
Next, tell HelpShelf where your product content lives and provide a public roadmap.

And that’s it, you’re done!

Well, almost. You still have to beautify your widget!

Lifetime Access to HelpShelf
HelpShelf is highly customizable. You can even choose the color theme in the widget window or modify the language.
This powerful widget will pool your help resources together in a place customers can actually see it.

And HelpShelf will show you valuable stats on your content as well as interactions and contact submissions.

Lifetime Access to HelpShelf
When your customers need a lifeline, HelpShelf brings internal and external help content together in perfect harmony with a widget that’s one with everything.

No other support brand lets you phone-a-friend or outside resource. Competitors confine customers to their limited ecosystem, giving them access only to branded support tools.

HelpShelf understands that the best and most relevant help content comes in all forms, whether it’s blogs, webinars, or that 4-year old prodigy on YouTube who does makeup tutorials.

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