Harmonizely is a versatile, self-serve scheduling tool that makes planning meetings simpler and less error-prone—no matter the time zone.

Harmonizely lets you build your own unique scheduling page based on your availability so you can start scheduling meetings in just a couple minutes.

Get started by connecting your online calendar and configuring your meeting preferences.

Then, start sharing your scheduling page with your invitees!

Make it easier for clients to schedule meetings with you.
No matter the time zone or type (online or offline), Harmonizely makes sure everyone will show up at the selected location and time.

Thanks to the open standard that is CalDAV, you can integrate many different types of calendars with Harmonizely.

And popular calendars like Google Calendar, Outlook, and iCloud Calendar are also simple to connect.

See all your meetings in the Harmonizely dashboard.
Configure your meeting preferences to tailor availability, duration, location, buffer time between meetings, and more.

You can also determine how often time slots appear and how far in advance someone can book a meeting with you.

Add custom questions on your scheduling page to gather certain information before your call. (“Are you allergic to peanuts or small talk?”)

Customize email notifications so everyone stays on the same page.

Integrate with Zapier and Zoom to streamline your scheduling.
Add participants to pre-scheduled meetings and send them a quick message so they stay updated.

Reschedule meetings and notify participants as needed.

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