Gumlet automatically optimizes images so your pages load faster and visitors stay engaged longer.

Slow page speeds can lead to site visitors ghosting you without taking any action (“Hey hey, where are you going? I thought we were having fun!”).

With Gumlet, you can automatically optimize all the images on your site and get them delivered via Gumlet’s global content delivery network (CDN).

Your one-time integration with JavaScript and WordPress plugins helps you quickly optimize images on your entire site without needing to edit any code.

The wide variety of devices out there means lots of different resolutions and remembering all of them can be a nightmare (just like trying to remember all your friend’s dog’s birthdays).

Gumlet uses smart device detection to automatically identify the correct resolution and optimize images so they look great on a phone, tablet, or desktop.

The plugins for JavaScript and WordPress deliver the optimized images straight to your site so you never have to make any changes to your code.

There is no restriction on the number of images or versions you optimize and no limit to the number of websites—only pay for the amount of bandwidth used by the CDN to deliver the images.

Getting started with Gumlet is easy.

Add your image source folder to Gumlet, then add the Javascript or WordPress plugin to start optimizing images.

When it comes to processing and delivering optimized images, Gumlet uses AWS CloudFont for caching and delivery and has processing servers around the world so it’s always reliable. (Ain’t no mountain high enough to keep images from gettin’ to you.)

Gumlet can reduce image size by at least 60% and increase page load speed while reducing CDN costs.

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