Guardey is a plug-and-play cybersecurity solution that offers a business VPN, monitors data risks, and provides cyber awareness training.

With Guardey, your organization can access a secure VPN tunnel that will keep your data anonymous and private.

Getting started is a breeze—just follow the steps on the menu and choose a location to set up a secure connection from anywhere.

That means that your entire team can safely use workflow apps and tools no matter where they are in the world.

Business VPN
Guardey gives your employees access to a reliable business VPN.
Thanks to its advanced monitoring capabilities, Guardey can identify virus and malware threats in a snap.

Keep your guard up with traffic insights and automatically scan for potential threats every 15 minutes, so you’re always secure and up-to-date.

If suspicious activity is detected, you’ll receive a notification about the security issue. You can even send the notifications straight to your IT team.

Real-time threat monitoring
Receive alerts about potential cybersecurity threats and resolve them immediately.
Guardey is also packed with awesome gamification features like dynamic weekly challenges to train your team and keep them up to snuff.

Each challenge only takes a few minutes to complete, which means your employees can quickly build confidence in their cybersecurity skills.

And thanks to Guardey’s learning management system, it’s a cinch to track your employees’ progress over time.

Guardey game
Gamify cybersecurity awareness with interactive weekly challenges.
For the cherry on top, Guardey is super intuitive to use, so you can start safeguarding your data right away.

No matter what industry you’re in, this tool gives you everything you need to protect your business and your reputation.

Since this tool never logs any user activity, you can rest easy knowing your business’ data stays 100% confidential.

Get an overview of alerts and continuous protection against cyber threats.
It only takes one wrong click to infect your entire network. (“Would’ve, could’ve, should’ve checked before I opened that email attachment.”)

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