GoHire is easy-to-use online recruitment software for managing and hiring job applicants.

GoHire lets you control the entire hiring process from one dashboard.

Inside your comprehensive dashboard, you can track applicants, manage jobs and teams, schedule interviews, and hire candidates.

Basically, you and your team are free once and for all from those messy hiring spreadsheets and email folders.

Lifetime Access to GoHire
From the get-go, you’ll put your best “we’re definitely a real company” foot forward with an easily customizable careers site that seamlessly integrates with your current website (no dev necessary).

You can post jobs automatically on multiple free job boards with just one click. We’re talking Indeed, Glassdoor, ZipRecruiter, and many more! (Anybody who’s somebody will see your post.)

GoHire makes creating a job post simple with editable templates. Or you can have it your way (but don’t get craaazy) and build your own from scratch.

Lifetime Access to GoHire
Once in your dashboard, each applicant will have their own incredibly rich profile with tags, CVs, notes, and evaluations. (Yes, you can filter and search applicants.)

You’ll be able to have real-time convos with candidates within the platform as well as be able to sync your calendar to coordinate interviews.

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