Frontly is an AI-powered, no-code app builder that lets you create custom internal tools and client portals to optimize your business.

Thanks to the power of AI, Frontly makes it easy to build internal business tools and client portals with a simple text input.

Getting started is a breeze! Just describe your app in basic terms, and the system will generate a fully-functional business app.

You can define custom permissions and access levels to ensure that only authorized users have access to view or modify specific information.

AI-powered app generator
Generate AI-powered admin tools and client portals with a simple text prompt!
Using Frontly’s drag-and-drop builder, you’ll be able to customize and edit your entire app in just a few minutes.

Add functionality to your app with pre-built blocks like tables, lists, forms, and charts—no coding required!

Plus, you can customize your app’s domain, logo, and colors to reflect your branding. You can even use a custom subdomain for client portals.

App builder
Edit your AI-generated app using the drag-and-drop builder, so it’s exactly how you want it.
Frontly lets you turn Google Sheets or Excel spreadsheets into no-code apps, like a self-serve client portal or admin app.

You’ll be able to keep your spreadsheet as the single source of truth for your data, so you can review and input data in a format you’re familiar with.

And you can enable clients to access the app via email and password login, just like every other app they use!

Connect Google Sheets
Power your app with all the data you need by connecting it to Google Sheets.
Rest easy knowing your app will be mobile responsive and look great out of the box on any device—without any custom configuration.

Frontly also lets you create an analytics dashboard to give teams or clients access to charts, graphs, and stats on demand.

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