Fraud Blocker is a powerful tool that helps you prevent bots, accidental clicks, and other fraud from tanking your Google Ads.

Fraud Blocker uses a unique scoring system to analyze website visitors and determine your real-time fraud score.

This score helps you identify fraudulent or invalid sources of ad traffic, like malicious bots or click farms.

You’ll be able to constantly track excessive click frequency, misleading referral data, high ratios of IP addresses to device IDs, and loads of other data points.

Plus, you can view fraud scores for individual site visitors based on their IP addresses and device fingerprints.

Ad Fraud Score
Generate your Fraud Score to identify fraudulent or invalid traffic to your Google Ads.
This tool automatically blocks IP addresses that score poorly, so you never let any bad apples slip through the cracks.

By connecting your Google Ads account, those bad IP’s will be sent directly to each of your campaign’s exclusion lists in real time.

That way, both tools know exactly how to prevent your ads from showing up near any bots or fraudsters.

Block IP addresses
Connect to your Google Ads account to start blocking fraudulent IP addresses in real time.
Accidental clicks may not always be malicious, but they can easily drain your ad budget—especially on mobile.

Luckily, Fraud Blocker can identify which users accidentally click on your ad and immediately leave your website.

Now this activity won’t count against you in the court of Google Ads, and you can stop wasting your ad spend on these misclicks.

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