Fourie is a generative AI, multimodal content localization platform that helps you transform any form of content in minutes.

You can localize, narrate, dub, and subtitle your videos in more than 35 languages to start producing and distributing content globally, faster than ever.

Fourie lets you choose from over 600 AI voices with different accents and pitches to create a dub that fits your original content.

Play with different voice characteristics, like changing the speed and pitch of each audio clip to fit the original character’s voice.

Plus, you can keep all your content organized in one library so you can sort and search for specific content at any time.

Organize and pull up any of your dubbed content from a single library.
Using transliteration support, you can write in different languages, localizing captions and other text to fit the audience’s native tongue.

Say goodbye to multiscript keyboards! Simply enter your input in English and watch Fourie transliterate the written text into any language.

And if your audience speaks one language but reads in a different one, you can download the transliterated subtitles to play with dubbed media files.

This tool can also read transliterated text and convert it back into the original language, saving you tons of time.

Write video captions and text in different languages with transliteration support.
One of the hardest parts of dubbing is timed translation! A three-second sentence in one language can become seven-seconds in another language.

That’s why our Large Language Model (LLM) lets you trim sentences while retaining the same meaning and context of the source material.

Fourie lets you seamlessly sync dubbed audio with its subtitles whenever the speaker is in the frame or a voiceover is playing.

Timed translation
Paraphrase or create a timed translation of your original content.
Fourie can also distinguish between vocals and other sounds to instantly remove any background music or noise from the media file.

You’ll be able to apply the same background score to dubbed videos and audio for a consistent experience across all your content.

Even better, you can generate a quick summary of the video in your target language to use across social media and YouTube.

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