FeedBlitz is a GDPR-compliant email platform that can automate and monetize newsletters with high email deliverability.

FeedBlitz combines RSS-powered newsletters with traditional email marketing, so you can grow and monetize your subscriber list.

Just set up a custom schedule to automatically pull content from any RSS feed and deliver newsletters tailored for every campaign.

Thanks to the robust visual editor, you’ll be able to completely customize the layout, text, and images for every email template.

You can also integrate with YouTube or Pinterest to cross promote content from other channels and expand your reach.

Don’t want to pull from an RSS feed? You can also create traditional newsletters, complete with list segmentation, follow-ups, and email funnels.

Take advantage of unlimited image storage and use the link checker to catch broken links before you send anything.

You can even integrate with Google Analytics to capture real-time performance data for every campaign on the platform.

Best of all, FeedBlitz uses their own servers to guarantee outstanding deliverability, so you don’t have to pay for dedicated IPs.

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