Turn your audio and video into engaging content with Exemplary AI.

Exemplary AI is a powerful platform that helps you transcribe and create content from your media files in minutes.

Upload any audio or video file, and Exemplary AI will automatically generate transcript and you can create engaging content from your media with simple prompts.

You can also edit your transcripts and content as you like, using the user-friendly online editor.

Exemplary AI supports multiple languages and formats, and helps you reach a broader audience with your media content.

Redefine content creation with story, clips, audiogram, and more.
Exemplary AI is the ultimate platform for creating engaging content from your media files.

Transcribe your media and create clips, stories and audiograms easily.

Clips: Easily select the most important and interesting parts of your transcript and turn them into shareable video snippets.

Stories: Seamlessly stitch together multiple clips into a compelling narrative and create a story that engages your audience.

Audiogram: Enhance your audio clips with a dynamic wave animation and make them more attractive and engaging.

AI Chat and AI Writer combine to take your content to new heights.
Create amazing content with the power of AI.

Chat with the AI and get insights, or generate an AI report to create any type of content you want.

AI Chat: Interact with the AI chat and get insights instantly. Whether you want to know the main points, the feedback, the sentiment, or anything else, you need. Enjoy a conversational way of getting information.

AI Writer: Request the AI Writer and create content from your file. Create a blog post, a newsletter, a summary, or anything else you want. Unleash your creativity with the AI Writer. Create any type of content you need.

The one-stop solution for all your content creation needs.
With Exemplary AI, you can create amazing content with the power of AI.

Businesses can effortlessly transform interviews, customer feedback, and meetings into captivating content, all thanks to Exemplary AI.

Media professionals can dive into transcription magic, add engaging captions to videos, and enhance movies with subtitles, expanding your audience’s reach like never before.

Podcasters, prepare for a content revolution! Exemplary AI takes your podcast episodes to the next level, converting them into dynamic transcripts, breathing life into videos with captions, and infusing AI insights to fuel your creativity. Embrace a world where crafting content is seamless and dynamic – welcome to the future of creation.

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