The Essential Plugin Bundle Pack is a collection of 50 WordPress plugins that gives you access to marketing tools, security features, site templates, and more!
The Essential Plugin Bundle Pack will help you improve the user experience by offering front-end tools to make your site shine.

You’ll get dozens of new templates and themes to reimagine your web design, including specific options for news and portfolios.

Then there are plugins for albums, image showcases, and video galleries to grab users’ attention or show off your cat photos (“OMG, is that a Santa outfit?!?”).

Pop-ups are also included in the list, so you’ll be in a great position to create a high-converting website straight out of the gate.

Front-end utilities will give your website that professional flair.
With 6 inbound marketing tools at your disposal, you’ll be able to give your business the attention it deserves.

Included in the bundle are Whatsapp chat support, Spin Wheel (think Wheel of Fortune) for campaigns and discounts, and Social Proof to share recent sales with potential customers.

Mix and match to your specifications or try out something new to attract new customers.

Get your users engaged with inbound marketing tools.
Sliders (those nifty slideshows embedded in web pages) are a great way to give your site a dynamic edge.

And the Essential Plugin Bundle gives you 10 of them (like a digital White Castle buffet).

Line up posts and/or pictures to draw the reader into your content while maximizing screen space.

Add a slider to keep images scrolling and visitors interested!
Security is a main concern for site owners, and the Essential Plugin Bundle Pack will help keep your site locked down.

You’ll get 10 security features in the bundle, including Two-factor authentication, Content Copy Protection, and Login LockDown.

From one dashboard, you can control up to 20 plugins, giving you the flexibility to expand beyond the bundle while offering a quick overview of available features.

Freelancers and small business owners can get the protection they need and their clients expect.

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