Essential Addons for Elementor is a library of unique elements that help you customize and maximize your website.

WordPress lets you lay the groundwork while Elementor lets you design as you want.

Then, Essential Addons struts into the picture and lets you upgrade to the site of your dreams.

Essential Addons gives you 60+ unique elements for Elementor with stunning designs and endless ways to customize.

Lifetime Access to Essential Addons for Elementor
Addons shine across the spectrum, starting with Content Elements that let you display your important content in style.

With add-ons like creative buttons that entice people to click and testimonial sliders to show off your fans, your WordPress has never looked this good.

Lifetime Access to Essential Addons for Elementor
Dynamic Content Elements up the content game even further.

Use the post grid for an at-a-glance look at all your amazing ideas or the data table to make info dumps easier on the eyes.

Next, Marketing Elements serve as your companion on the business side, with pricing tables that tell customers exactly what they’re getting and even price menus for restaurateurs to showcase their Michelin-worthy items.

Lifetime Access to Essential Addons for Elementor
Now let’s get visual with Creative Elements from Essential Addons.

Interactive promos and interactive cards make for stunning mouse-overs while engaging your audience with content that goes beyond scrolling.

You’ll get a filterable gallery to keep your images organized, Lightbox & Modal to create pop-ups people actually want to see, and even an image comparison tool for dramatic before and afters.

Lifetime Access to Essential Addons for Elementor
Essential Addons also gives you form styler elements because submitting information doesn’t have to feel like filling out forms at the DMV.

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