Endorsal fully automates the collection and display of testimonials so you can receive higher-quality endorsements, from more clients, in less time.

Remember the last time you asked for a review? You spent 10 minutes agonizing over how to say, “Will you write me a review?”

Instead, you could have spent those 10 minutes setting up Endorsal, which will automate all your reviews from now on.

That’s right, Endorsal automates the endorsement-snagging process, from gathering client feedback to posting their words on your website.

(It’s okay, go ahead and happy-cry. I know this is a special day.)

To get things started, you’ll send your clients an EndoForm.

EndoForms are client-facing, branded testimonial capture forms that make it easy for clients to write glowing reviews.

It’s all about removing barriers, people!

Once you’ve captured the review, embeddable widgets allow you to display it on any website.

You can choose from beautiful, responsive themes and customize the look to match your brand.

Your testimonials can then be added to your website with a couple of simple lines of code (no advanced coding knowledge required).

Monitor incoming reviews using a powerful dashboard, with automated rules for approving or rejecting new reviews (i.e. auto-approve 5-star reviews).

Select the best comments to highlight and even reply directly to customers.

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