Enalito is an AI-driven marketing platform that lets you segment and personalize email campaigns to grow and retain your customer base.

Enalito makes it easy to track all your KPIs right from your dashboard, like order count, order amount, and average days between purchases.

With this data right at your fingertips, you can create dynamic customer segments of best, average, and bottom customers and send targeted growth campaigns to each group.

You’ll even be able to filter customers based on metrics like browsing behavior, email behavior, and unique attributes for better segmentation.

Filter customers based on their purchase, browsing, and email behavior, so you can create smart segments.
Enalito lets you automate email marketing with smart triggered emails and follow-ups that get customers moving along the sales funnel.

Getting started is a breeze—just use the prepackaged segments and readymade campaign templates to send engaging emails fast.

Plus, you’ll be able to create your own email templates from scratch with Enalito’s simple drag-and-drop campaign builder.

Create stunning, personalized email campaigns with Enalito’s readymade templates—or effortlessly whip up your own.
Best of all, you can reward loyal customers and high spenders with thank-you emails, deals, and special access to exclusive sales.

Enalito even lets you segment customers based on the month they’re most likely to buy, so you’ll able to capitalize on seasonal monthly purchase patterns.

And thanks to the power of AI, you’ll be able to identify customer intent and preferences to make relevant product recommendations.

Customer segments
Analyze customer intent to make informed, relevant production recommendations.
Enalito doesn’t just let you segment your audience—you can also segment your products for campaigns to showcase items customers are most likely to buy!

You’ll be able to segment top-selling products, frequently sold items, and all-time bestsellers to maximize sales for your most popular products.

Plus, you can create subscriber pop-ups and forms to collect email addresses from leads, so your business keeps on growing.

Behavior segmentation
Highlight best-selling products and offer exclusive deals to key segments based on their user behavior.
With the right AI tool, sending high-converting email campaigns takes less effort than asking Alexa about the weather. (“This isn’t small talk, I actually do need to know.”)

That’s why Enalito is packed with tools for smart customer and product segmentation, so you can personalize your marketing campaigns and maximize your sales.

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