is a complete email service provider that lets you send custom email campaigns from your own IP addresses for free.

Now you can send emails using your own IPs for free, with unlimited delivery over multiple Email Service Providers (ESPs) and Mail Transfer Agents (MTAs).

You can route email for optimal deliverability using sophisticated load balancing to improve your sender reputation.

Set throttles for daily or hourly sending limits, automate IP warmups, and customize delivery for each customer using your ESP.

Plus, you’ll be able to integrate with Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) relay accounts and APIs like Mailgun, Amazon SES, and SparkPost.

Email routing
Take control of your email deliverability and sender reputation with load balancing.
Thanks to’s advanced segmentation, you can send a campaign to multiple lists, tags, and segments at once.

This way, you’re able to guide different groups into the email funnels tailored to their interests and behaviors.

You can also send marketing and transactional emails, including welcome messages, shipping notifications, and password resets.

Plus, you’ll get real-time engagement reporting for opens, clicks, and tons of other actions.

Audience segmentation
Combine lists, tags, and segments in your campaigns without sending duplicate emails.
Quickly create automated message sequences that are designed to keep your contacts engaged and maximize your ROI.

You’ll be able to customize your drip campaign strategy to find the cadence that achieves the highest open rates.

You can even trigger follow-up email sequences the moment any contact engages with your message. also lets you control who keeps receiving messages, with the option to only send messages to contacts that engage frequently.

Email sequence
Create email funnels with custom, automated email sequences.
Design responsive emails using an intuitive drag-and-drop builder, starting with templates or entirely from scratch.

You’ll be able to create email opt-in forms optimized for every device that can be embedded on your website.

And thanks to exit intent bounce detection, you can still get a user’s email address as they leave to continue building your email list.

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