Dubb is an all-in-one video platform that helps you engage with your audience and boost sales.

In a sea of boring text, it’s easy to get lost in the noise. Dubb makes sure you stand out with game-changing video.

Dubb lets you create and publish personalized camera-only videos, screen recordings, and pre-recorded videos with zero technical expertise.

You can take personalization to the next level with custom text on animated gif thumbnails and video pages.

Lifetime Access to Dubb
Your videos will be hosted on a customized subdomain to fit your unique brand, where you can add your own logo, custom URL, page theme, contact information, video playlists, and more!

With its sleek and simple process, Dubb lets you create and share videos directly from your email, CRM, or social channels.

Plus, Dubb features simple CRM functionality in its platform, including contact management, email sending, activity reporting, and more.

With the Dubb Campaign System, you can easily create and send hyper-personalized email campaigns with video using Gmail, Amazon SES or your own SMTP settings.

Whether it’s Salesforce, HubSpot, WordPress, Slack, or Zapier, your gorgeous mug will dazzle from CRM to shining CRM.

Lifetime Access to Dubb
You can also upload to YouTube in seconds thanks to a YouTube integration and send videos within LinkedIn and Gmail using a Dubb icon in the messages!

And if you’re camera-shy, never fear. Dubb allows you to share screen-only videos with the ability to display your profile picture only if you so choose. This comes in handy when you want to avoid distractions.

Dubb lets you communicate whenever and wherever inspiration strikes, with both desktop and mobile versions (just don’t Dubb and drive).

After uploading your video, maximize your engagement by adding a title, description, and tags; throw in CTA’s; choosing player colors and themes; and selecting start time, end time, and thumbnail graphics.

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