Docsketch is a document signing, approval, and tracking solution that reduces turnaround time and friction on documents.

Docsketch helps you save hours, even days, waiting for documents thanks to built-in, legally valid electronic signatures (Docsketch documents are compliant with U.S. and international e-signature laws).

After a document is signed, it gets archived and protected from future changes so there’s no funny business.

If your documents need more signatures than a petition to bring back the McRib, that’s okay.

Docsketch’s document workflows allow you to have multiple people complete and sign documents, either all at once or one-by-one in any order (Docsketch notifies the next person when it’s their turn).

Once everyone’s finished, all recipients will receive a copy of the completed document.

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Another way Docsketch saves you time: templates.

Turn previous documents into future templates that you can reuse, resend, and access anywhere online.

Docsketch can help you make templates out of sales documents, invoices, contracts, and more.

And Docsketch makes things even easier by automatically detecting blank lines in your documents and helping you position your fields in the right place.

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The “Send as Sales Document” feature is your key to instant approvals, making sure proposals, bids, and estimates are ready to go.

All recipients have to do is click the handy dandy “Approve” button and they’ll be guided through completing and signing the documents.

Lifetime Access to Docsketch
With Docsketch, you’re never in the dark because Docsketch lets you track what you share.

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