Covve is an intelligent app that lets you easily manage and maintain business relationships.

Covve helps you stay connected to all the contacts in your phone through a beautiful mobile app. (You can also access your mobile contacts through Covve’s web app.)

Staying in touch with people is simple because Covve gives you reasons to reach out.

Thanks to an AI-powered News Engine, you’ll receive news affecting your contacts and their company.

Covve makes sure you’re the first to know about acquisitions, hires, and other news-worthy events.

Lifetime Access to Covve
But getting news you can use as a conversation starter is useless if you don’t have accurate contact info or always forget to reach out.

That’s why Covve will automatically fill in missing contact details such as location, industry, company, seniority, avatar, and social profiles as well as automatically remind you to get in touch.

Lifetime Access to Covve
Covve lets you tag, categorize, and archive contacts so you can quickly find who you are looking for through powerful search and desktop visualization.

You can scan business cards straight into your address book, add additional notes on where you met, and reminds you to follow-up. You can also send back your electronic business card and seamlessly exchange contact details.

And Covve even helps you build your network by showing you which of your contacts know people you want to know. (For example, if you need a lawyer in the UK, Covve will tell you who has that connection.)

Lifetime Access to Covve
Covve will also serve as your personal CRM.

By documenting and adding notes about calls, texts, or face-to-face meetings, you’ll be able to review and prepare for follow-up calls.