Cosmos Video lets remote teams meet and collaborate in virtual office spaces with real-time audio, video, and chat features.

Cosmos Video lets you host meetings and team office hours in a virtual office, so your team can collaborate in one digital space. No need to hop between apps for meetings!

You can set yourself as available at your virtual desk during team office hours, allowing team members to interact instantly without scheduling calls.

Plus, you’ll be able to choose between different digital floor plans and personalize your space with custom text and images.

Virtual office
Cosmos Video lets you work together in a personalized digital space.
You can use meeting rooms in Cosmos to host meetings for both teams and external clients from engineering and operations to sales and support.

The platform lets you host up to 150 participants, with features like fun reactions, raised hands, 4K screenshare with annotations, and in-meeting chat.

You’ll be able to record meetings and use AI to generate meeting summaries, insights, and transcriptions.

Plus, you can integrate with Google and Outlook calendars so guests can jump into meetings right from their calendars.

Virtual meeting
Host virtual meetings with team members and clients.
Best of all, Cosmos Video lets you see what conversations are happening and your team member’s availability at a glance.

Get a real-time view of active conversations within your team, making the workplace feel lively and productive.

Members can leave conversations open for others to participate, invite team members to discussions, or keep them private.

Team discussion and availability
See your team’s conversations and availability at a glance.
Let’s be honest, you don’t always need to hop on a voice or video call. That’s why Cosmos Video also lets you simply chat with your team members online.

You can share insights through channels or direct messages without disrupting everyone’s personal workflow or hijacking meetings.

Chat flexibly across devices and integrate with your favorite apps via webhooks to centralize your notifications.

Simultaneous chats and video call
Hop on chat to share insights without disrupting calls.
Working remotely should feel like a convenience, not an obstacle. (“Level 1: Conquer my inbox. Level 2: Respond to everyone on Slack. Level 3: Work??”)

Good thing Cosmos Video gives your team everything they need to collaborate and stay productive online, from a unified digital office space to chats and virtual calls.

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