Collabwriting is a browser extension that helps you collect research online, share notes, and collaborate with your team in real time.

Collabwriting helps you collect info from direct sources without jumping to other programs and interrupting your research flow.

You’ll be able to collaborate on any web page or PDF—and it’s just as easy as working together in Google Docs.

That’s because this browser extension lets you highlight and leave notes on digital content for your team to review.

Besides plain text, you can also add links and screenshots to your comments to visualize your ideas.

Note Taking
Leave notes on web pages and PDFs using Collabwriting’s browser extension.
Collabwriting lets you save highlighted excerpts in a virtual workspace, where you can keep them organized by topics.

Whenever you’re ready to hand everything over to your team, you can share your research via link or by adding a specific user to the project.

Plus, you’ll be able to set different access permissions to control which collaborators can edit, comment, or view your documents.

Easily collaborate on web pages and share your research with others.
Collabwriting lets you export your highlights and notes, so you can compile them for the projects you’re working on.

You’ll be able to export your research as a PDF that’s ready to print or as editable text in Google Docs, Notion, Craft, and Word.

Best of all, this platform will keep links to highlighted sources intact, along with any comments left by collaborators.

Notes export
Export your notes to Google Docs, Notion, Craft, and Word.
With everything organized on a unified platform, you’ll always be able to find your research in context whenever you need it.

Even if the original source changes, Collabwriting will save your original highlights while letting you track changes made by your collaborators in the app’s activity tab.

And you can even cluster topics and search through the app to make sure your information is well-structured and ready to go.

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