Collaboard is a virtual whiteboard that lets you add images, videos, sticky notes, documents, and more to a collaborative space.

With Collaboard, you won’t be bound by the physical limitation of a whiteboard.

The virtual workspace is nearly limitless, letting you add elements like sticky notes, cards, images, shapes and icons.

You’ll also be able to incorporate documents like PDFs, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files seamlessly.

Plus, the integrated Google Image and YouTube video search lets you add content from around the web in no time.

Put those doodling skills to good use with automatic digital pen recognition.

You’ll be able to draw free-hand, take notes, or sketch out ideas just like a real whiteboard, except with more detail than a dry-erase marker allows.

It’s perfect for artists, coaches, designers, and anyone else who wants a more personal touch to spark that creativity.

Connectors make sure you don’t get lost in all of that awesome content you’re creating.

You can connect any element together and then define the style of that connection to build complex systems.

Create workflows, processes, mind-maps, and organization charts, or just pretend you’re Spider-Man weaving a complex web of landing page designs.

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