Coassemble is an all-in-one online training platform that keeps things simple, sleek, and streamlined so your team can train the easy way.

Between links that go nowhere and forums hidden in mystery folders, LMSs can be a bit of a trainwreck.

Fortunately, Coassemble cleans up the mess with an easy-to-master online training tool that connects people with the information they need—whenever, wherever.

This cloud-based platform ensures administrators and learners can work remotely on any device.

So instead of playing another round of Candy Crush, your employees can train…on the train.

Your training should match your company’s brand.

That’s why Coassemble has made it easy to customize your virtual campus with a company logo, preferred colors, and images.

Plus, you can recycle all of your existing training materials.

With quality training content spread across PowerPoints, PDFs, Word Docs, and more, training materials can be hard to locate and update.

Coassemble lets you consolidate all of your training in one place and embed your PDFs, PowerPoints, videos, documents, and spreadsheets directly into your courses.

Put your team to the test. Literally.

Coassemble’s drag-and-drop quiz builder offers a variety of question templates, including multiple-choice, text responses, true or false, and more.

By setting a pass/fail threshold and maximum number of quiz attempts, you can keep your employees on their A-game.

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