ClowdWork is a fully automated time tracking software that helps you manage remote teams and freelancers.
With ClowdWork, you can automatically monitor your team’s applications, software, and websites during working hours.

This time tracker will also generate valuable insights, so you’ll be able to allocate the right resources and talent.

And with strategic metrics at your fingertips, it’s a cinch to boost efficiency across any flexible or remote work model.

Monitor tool usage
ClowdWork monitors your team’s apps, software, and websites during working hours.
Clowdwork makes it easy to capture time spent on productive apps and programs using daily productivity reports.

You can customize your reports by department or evaluate productivity metrics for the entire organization.

With this handy time-tracking system, you’ll get a better sense of how your teams are adding value to the company.

Daily productivity reports
Track your team’s productivity metrics in real time with daily productivity reports.
Say goodbye to nosy Slack messages, because Clowdwork leverages AI to analyze overall productivity.

Now you can visualize your team’s workloads and anticipate the bottlenecks that might delay processes or projects.

This platform will even determine payroll costs based on time spent across team activities, helping you maximize profits.

User activity
Visualize team workloads to spot any potential bottlenecks for your projects.
ClowdWork automatically captures screenshots every thirty minutes, which helps you see who’s slacking on the clock.

Access real-time screenshots and activity reports from any device with a Windows, Mac, or Linux operating system.

Plus, it’s super easy to enable or disable screen capture at any time, so you can decide exactly when you want to keep tabs on your team.

Screen capture
Capture screenshots every thirty minutes to track your team’s daily activities.
You know that time is money, so you need a way to make every minute of your team’s workday count. (“Maybe we should cancel that meeting about having too many meetings?”)

Luckily, ClowdWork automatically monitors daily activities and generates valuable insights that help you allot resources and talent more effectively.

Manage their time wisely.

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