Cloudpresenter is an all-in-one video conferencing platform for remote meetings, online courses, and virtual events.

Whether you’re organizing a training program, hosting a virtual conference, or connecting with your community, Cloudpresenter helps you bring your events to life.

Get access to a customizable platform where you can change the colors, logos, and virtual backgrounds and even modify registration pages to fit your branding.

Thanks to interactive tools like live chat, moderated Q&As, and polls, you’ll have everything you need to boost audience engagement.

Interactive tools
Launch a meeting or webinar with interactive tools like polls, live chat, and Q&As!
Cloudpresenter lets you upload and share content during meetings. You’ll even be able to hand over control to someone else.

This is super useful for meetings with multiple speakers, teams sharing a slide deck, and production teams supporting virtual events.

Instead of clunky screenshares, you’ll be able to display slides and videos in high-definition, so you can get your message across clearly.

Virtual meetings
Host virtual meetings and share content with attendees right in the call.
Best of all, Cloudpresenter lets you invite your entire organization, so everyone can communicate in the same digital space.

With this complete remote video conferencing solution, your team will be able to run concurrent meetings and events.

You can even make your team meetings more engaging with tools like whiteboards, polls, Q&As, and a virtual laser pointer.

Team meetings
Host multiple meetings across your entire organization at the same time.
From product demonstrations to employee onboarding, Cloudpresenter brings together all the tools you need to streamline your virtual workplace.

Built for teams, educators, and event organizers, you can create events for up to 1,200 attendees and invite them with a simple link—no download required!

Plus, this mobile and web-based app is GDPR compliant and ISO 27001 certified, so your info is always secure.

Mobile app
Join virtual meetings with their iOS and Android apps, or use a web browser.
Whether it’s a quick call or a virtual conference, it’s a bad sign when people disengage. (“Any questions? Ask me anything. Please.”)

Good thing Cloudpresenter is packed with interactive tools like polls and Q&As, so you can run hype-worthy events with your own branding.

Host meetings and virtual events that work.

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