Cloozo is a no-code chatbot builder powered by ChatGPT that lets you create and train chatbots on your own files and site links.

With Cloozo, you can create, modify, and deploy chatbots that meet your specific requirements in a code-free interface.

You’ll be able to customize your chatbot’s appearance and behavior, giving you complete control over the user experience.

When you’re done, you can embed your chatbot on your website, so it can answer any customer inquiry.

No-code chatbot builder
Build, modify, and deploy your own custom chatbots—all without writing a single line of code.
Cloozo makes it easy to train your chatbot with your own data just by uploading files and pasting website links.

And because your chatbot learns from your unique data sources, it’ll be able to deliver accurate and relevant responses.

That means you can upload your product information, FAQs, and other datasets to help your chatbot provide a truly personalized customer experience.

Custom data upload
Train your chatbot on your own data so it can provide more accurate and relevant responses.
Best of all, you’ll be able to assign unique OpenAI API and Pinecone keys to each chatbot in just a few clicks.

This feature is super useful for agencies, since each client can have a unique chatbot tailored to their individual needs.

Plus, you’ll be able to ensure the optimal speed and performance for each chatbot so you never have to worry about them slowing down the site.

Open AI and Pinecone API keys
Assign unique OpenAI API and Pinecone keys to create customized chatbots that meet your needs.
Cloozo also lets you add starter questions to your chatbot, providing website visitors with a smooth user experience.

By identifying pre-set, frequently asked questions, you’ll be able to instantly give users the right answers.

Your site visitors can simply click on a question to access relevant information without typing out a single word.

Starter questions chatbot feature
Use starter questions to enable your chatbot to answer frequently asked questions instantly.
You don’t need to be a coding genius to bring your own chatbot to life. (“Just call me Dr. Frankenstein.”)

Cloozo lets you create custom, code-free chatbots trained on your own data to give customers the right answers right away.

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