CivicFeed is a media monitoring platform that helps you track your brand and develop more effective digital marketing.

As a marketing wiz, you know how important it is to stay on top of mentions of your brand, competitors, and key topics in your industry.

CivicFeed combs through the vast online and social media landscape and monitors these sources for mentions relevant to you.

Say goodbye to “mention FOMO” with CivicFeed Alerts that ensure you never miss a thing.

Just pick a person, keyword, or organization and choose the sources you care about.

You can select where and when you’d like to get alerts, whether it’s via email, mobile app or even channels like Slack.

CivicFeed’s smart AI algorithms tailor your searches and block out the noise (i.e. other people and organizations with the same name).

For PR reps and communications specialists, media monitoring is just the first step.

But digging through thousands of articles to identify key publications and journalists to partner with is about as fun as a root canal at the DMV.

Luckily, Journalist Database is your own LinkedIn for the press, helping you identify influential publications and journalists (and their contact information) to build media lists for pitching stories.

By leveraging data-driven insights and natural language processing, CivicFeed helps organizations better understand their media coverage and develop successful digital content faster.

CivicFeed alerts first help you plug into millions of websites, news outlets, and broadcast sources at once.

Then, their powerful analytics features assist in identifying trends in media over time, finding journalists’ contact information, and building custom reports.

So take a breather. It’s all right here.

Manual searches for your mentions are tedious and can take you hours — CivicFeed alerts make tracking mentions quick ‘n’ easy (don’t mention it).

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