is a chatbot builder that lets you generate custom-made AI chatbots that can understand your business and engage with users.

In just minutes, lets you create a chatbot with ChatGPT-level intelligence to interact with leads and customers—without writing a lick of code.

You’ll be able to customize your bot’s appearance by giving it a name, a profile picture, and matching brand colors to boot.

Plus, you can add suggested messages to give users quick access to the most commonly asked questions about your business or product.

Chatbot settings
Set your chatbot up with a name, profile picture, and welcome message. lets you train your chatbot to know your business by uploading documents, PDFs, CSV files, or content from your website.

You can also dig up relevant blogs, articles, support docs, and even YouTube videos to give your chatbot the knowledge it needs to succeed.

That means you’ll have a custom chatbot that can answer customer questions, sell products, or onboard and train new employees.

Document upload
Train the chatbot to know your business by uploading relevant docs and videos.
You can integrate the chatbot on your website by simply copy-pasting a short script into your site’s HTML code.

And just like magic, your chatbot will show up on your website, ready to interact with your leads, customers, and employees. even lets you embed chatbots on any webpage to create a ChatGPT-like window that’s super familiar to users.

Website integration
Integrate the chatbot into your website by simply copy-pasting a short code snippet.
For the cherry on top, you’ll be able to capture valuable lead info like emails to ramp up your lead generation overnight. supports multiple languages including English, French, Arabic, and Spanish, so you can interact with anyone from around the world.

Since your multilingual chatbot can translate your English documentation, it’ll be a cinch to respond to anyone in their native language.

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