BrandVox is a social intelligence tool that offers in-depth competitor tracking, insights, and analytics to optimize your social media strategy.

BrandVox gives you everything you need to monitor competitors, evaluate audience insights, and track analytics for your social media strategy.

Just connect your social media accounts to see top performers, performance insights, and engagement rates right from your dashboard.

Now you’ll be able to compare your content to the competition and figure out how to apply their tactics in your business.

Main dashboard
View the main dashboard to see campaign metrics, audience insights, and top performers.
You can keep tabs on your competitors’ content strategy with a user-friendly feed that displays posts from different social networks.

From there, you’ll get an overview of the latest posts complete with images and detailed performance metrics.

BrandVox will even let you see the number of likes, comments, and shares for a specific period across all your competitors.

Competitor posts
View competitors’ posts in a convenient feed without switching between social networks.
Thanks to BrandVox’s built-in editor, it’s a cinch to assess upcoming posts based on their predictive performance, content type, and complexity.

And since this tool can evaluate tone of voice, emotions, complexity, and style, you’ll be able to tailor content for your target audience.

That way, you can identify areas for improvement and make tweaks to ensure your content is making the right impact.

Evaluate content based on metrics for complexity, tone of voice, and predictive performance.
Best of all, it’s easy to transfer your content over to the calendar feature, which means you can schedule all your posts in advance.

Not sure when to post? This tool breaks down bi-weekly engagement across competitors, so you know what timing works best.

And because you can track hashtag performance, you’ll be able to choose the keywords that drive more traffic to your posts.

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